Beef Empanadas Recipe / Empanadas de Carne Receta |
I know you probably notice I don't always post a recipe along with a blog post. Work has been taking up all my time and sometimes I can only do the recipe, post it and run back to work. But today, I have some time, oh yeah! This has always been my passion, talking. Talking a lot. Haha. I meant blogging has always been my passion. Although I can't do it full time, I try my best to make time for it. Shout out to all the part time food bloggers trying to make it out here! It is not easy! I LOVE sharing my recipes and also my thoughts so to break down my thoughts before this amazing and quick recipe, let's start with, you already know.... CHRISTMAS! I want to do something different with the blog for Christmas. I am trying to figure it out and I just want to do something out of the box. For sure I am doing another giveaway soon. It made me so happy to make someone happy with new kitchen gadgets, it's a MUST. This time around, because it's the holidays, I want to giveaway something