Zucchini Noodles with Chicken in Tomato Sauce |
I thought of many different ways to start this blog post and after about 10 minutes, I thought "wait a minute, it's MY blog and I can say whatever I want" so with that being said, GRATITUDE. I am so grateful for the foodie community. I always say this and I'll keep saying it, there is so much talent out there, so many great food photographers, so many creative food bloggers, and passionate food bloggers. I LOVE IT! I wish we could all get together and just talk about food. If you live in South Florida, pretty please send me a message or comment below, I would LOVE to link up and talk food....... Now that I've finally said what's on my mind, let's talk about how this is my second healthy recipe ever posted. So sad but so great! What can I say? I was raised eating greasy food and that's a lot of what I know how to cook. I'm getting older and all the greasy food needs to sit down in a corner from time to time. I started getting creative in the kitchen since my hubby is keto-ing it up and