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Hi my name is Ambar! It's not Amber its Am-bar. I LOVE cooking. No, I am not a chef, I am a cook. I didn't know how to cook until one summer that i stayed home watching the Food Network. ALL DAY. I made a mess in the kitchen almost every day. Messing around with different spices and watching a large amount of hours of the food network channel. What made me want to blog recipes? They aren't just words, their pictures! As I started to buy cook books, a lot of them didn't have pictures of the recipes and I was trying to figure out how it even looked! So I decided to help out my fellow gals & gents, with this website, to picture the recipe step by step. When I'm not cooking I am; Working as a paralegal, Going to school, Watching funny movies ( that not everyone finds funny), going to get ice cream at cold stones, running after the love of my life around the house, expecting my mom & dad to pop up to say hi, calling my friends little cows and most of all spending time with my loved