Merging CRO with UX | Conversions Matters
CRO has typically concerned itself with the elements that directly affect conversions such as CTAs, headlines and copy because they tend to have the highest impact for the least amount of effort required to test and implement the change. UX/Design specialists have championed making websites simple, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. However we are seeing where what was traditionally considered UX or CRO is beginning to merge and this is the reason why. if you start off with a badly designed site you can make it better and easier to use and ultimately convert but the time and effort required is much greater than doing this to start with. So in the past where CRO expertise was brought to bear on sites that had already been built now we are getting a chance to make sure a site is conversion optimised before it is launched. Much like how we are seeing SEO and Social merging as CRO specialists and UX specialist work closer together we will see more sites that will need less fixes once