Why landing pages are like first dates | Conversions Matters
So they saying goes you only have once chance to make a first impression and since a landing page is usually how a visitor will first find your site that impressions needs to be good. However a lot of landing pages are making a bad first impressions and therefore are potentially losing visitors and conversion forever. So I will go through my top 3 first date mistakes and how they apply to your landing pages. Turning up late - No one likes to be kept waiting weather its on a date or waiting for a page to load. I don't care how beautiful a date/site is if it takes a age to show up i am going to bail. 50% of users say they would leave a site after 3 seconds of waiting Not dressed for the occasion - If you are not dressed for the occasion you will strike a discord same with your landing page if its too quirky, old fashioned or boring most users will leave before even reading the headline. Studies show a users mind is made up about a page in 0.6 seconds. Not being confident - If you are