What is a good conversion rate | Conversions Matters
I get asked about average/good conversion rates more often then I should. It should be fairly evident that a good conversion rate is whatever number of conversions to visitors that will give you a tidy profit every month. That can be easily worked out based upon your costs, visitors and average conversion value. If a conversion is worth £100, you have 1000 visitors to your site each month and your costs for everything is £5k a month then you need a 5% conversion rate to break even. So in that instance aim for as close to 10% CR to be safe. If you fall short your still in profit. What I think people actually mean is what is an achievable conversion rate. Now this is a interesting question. There are industry specific averages but we all know the average is a lie. For example in the financial services the average is 10%, great. However for a big international bank who might measure personal banking logins is a goal because it saves overheads in branches and call centres. That's