How to get buy in for CRO | Conversions Matters
CRO or Conversion rate optimisation is where SEO was a 5/6 years ago. Every body want its but not everyone really understands what it is. Usually it is explained to C-levels as way to convert more users by running experiments (a lot of people say tests but I prefer this term to avoid confusion). This is rather simplistic because if I see that a page is broken on a particular type of browser or device I will get it fixed with out experimentation. The same with back end systems if there is a issue that is causing problems such as a poor returns process then it should be fixed. Also another big issue I see in CRO which is a legacy issue from the early days of SEO and PPC is every one is chasing after the easy wins or the low hanging fruit if your prefer. Yes they require little effort and yield results but only 10-15% of the fruit is easily reached. The vast majority will take effort but will yield vastly greater returns. So how do you get buy in for CRO above and beyond basic button