Everything in CRO only has one job | Conversions Matters
Everything in CRO only has one job and stop making headlines that try to convert So let me start this post with a question, how many people have optimised a Homepage for conversions. I would guess that it would be most of the people who read this article. I have to admit I have done it as well because for a large organisation it tends to be one of the most visited landing pages. So why is that wrong? well your homepage has one page and it's not conversion. The job of your landing page is to get people to view the rest of your site. Homepage are mostly used by returning users, people coming in on generic or brand terms. They don't know what they so they need to be guided to the right place not forced into converting. If a homepage has only job what about a headline? That too has one job, to keep you on the page and that is also the same for your for your sub-heading and the rest of your copy. Your PPC ad test has only one job to get people to click. Your navigation has one job