Copywriting hacks to increase conversions | Conversions Matters
Why the headline is not the king Who has heard the old maxim that once you have written your headline you have spent 80cents of your dollar? If you have not then you are the lucky one as this is bandied about with fervour in the digital marketing sphere. See the issue is that this was a quote about print advertising and not digital marketing and the two while similar are not the same. This is a classic case where "best practice" fails. It is not because it is wrong it's because it's being used out of context, that is the issue with best practice. However there are specific things you can apply to digital marketing copywriting but as with everything it needs to be tested to make sure it applies to your organisation, company or blog. Long live the CTA So if the headline is not the boss who is? Well its the CTA. So does that mean you can change your CTA and deliver a triple digit uplift? Unlikely. However changing your headline and CTA together will usually deliver some good lifts. Your