Conversion rates are half the picture | Conversions Matters
Why people need to stop obsessing about conversion rates First of all let me share a situation that prompted this article. I had run a test that delivered a 60% uplift in conversions. Not bad right. Anyway we put the winning variant live and all was rosy until I was asked why conversion rates had not increased. So I dug through analytics spoke to the PPC guys and found out they had switched on a display campaign on the new page. So what was converting at 7% became more like 4%. Bad right? No it was great, why? because with the additional traffic we had delivered an extra 400 conversions when comparing post launch to the previous month. Also the cost per conversion had dropped by 20%. More conversions at a lower cost, party time. If only life was so easy. I was then asked why had conversions dropped when the test had shown such a good uplift. I then pointed out search traffic had indeed increased 60% but the display campaign where the bulk of the traffic was now coming from was pulling