5 elements people dont a/b test but should | Conversions Matters
HiPPO - Button colour testing So most people start of in conversion rate optimisation by a/b testing headlines, CTA colours, CTA text and CTA size but there are much bigger wins out there for a little more time and effort. All of the major A/B testing toll vendors says the same, that you can test without the need of designers and developers. This is true up to a point, basic testing is easy with a WYSIWYG editor. However anything that will drive big spikes in conversions is going to take skills. that means you need resource or training to get those skills. That is a topic for another article This article is about 10 overlooked elements you can test without too much resource or training in design/development. Navigation - apart from landing pages every site needs it but have you ever tested it. Static Vs. sticky nav, megamenus Vs. standard menu or even different icons for your menu items. Hell you can even test adding/removing nav from landing pages if you really want to Font -