17 CRO Tools to optimise your CRO campaigns | Conversions Matters
What are the top CRO tools in 2015 Like any facet of digital marketing CRO has its fair share of tools that are available to make your job a little easier and to make you look good to your client/Boss. However with so many tools out there which do you try? well hopefully this post will help you decide and prevent you from being just another fool with another tool. If you have any tools that I have missed just add them to the comments and I will update the article once I have given them the once over. Plugins Page monitor – This plugin allows you to "monitor" a page and it will tell you every time the page changes. Great for monitoring competitors landing pages or your own site to make sure that you are always aware of what is happening Ghostery - Allows you to check what trackers are on a site e.g A/b testing platforms, analytics platforms etc... Great for some corporate espionage, checking that your devs have correctly installed a tracker and for blocking said trackers with ease