10 more things you never thought about split testing | Conversions Matters
10 more things you never thought about split testing but you should probably test Everyone loves a listicle so here goes with a follow-up to a popular one where we go into some less heard of ideas on what to split test in e-commerce. 1 - Most sites offer two flavours of free shipping Free for everyone or over £xx but how many people have actually tested this? I would recommend doing this as a priority but remember to measure AOV as well as conversions and if possible profit as well. Try testing on high profit and high volume items first. 2. Promo and voucher codes are ubiquitous on Ecommerce sites but have you tested including them vs not. Or displaying them as a small text link vs applying any relevant discounts automatically as above measure sales, AOV and profit for the full picture 3. Free returns or free same day shipping which works best or does offering both give you the biggest uplift 4. Web chat vs CS call centre test one vs the other or try both at the same time. What