Cristiano Ronaldo Purchases a $31,000 Life Sized Wax Statue of Himself - Contrarie
When you make a salary of around $50 million a year, what would you spend it on? Why not buy a wax figure of yourself for $31,000? That’s exactly what soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo did. In 2013, Madrid’s Museum of Wax unveiled a statue of Ronaldo, and Ronaldo was so impressed, he commissioned an exact duplicate for his home. After seeing the statue, Ronaldo contacted the original artist, Michael Wade to recreate one. Michael Wade still had the original molds and was paid £20,000 (~$31,000) by Ronaldo for the recreation. The only difference between the original statue and the new one is updated uniforms and shoes. The statues have real hair added one strand at a time, and apparently the hair of the statue at the museum is styled once a month by a stylist provided by Ronaldo to keep the hairstyle current. Related