Art de la Table and On the Wall at M&O | Colleen's Paris
A chance Estonian Internet press release about table arts gave me an idea: Visit a professional trade show for the first time. Arro Keraamika arranged a pass for me and off to the exhibition halls in Paris Nord Villepinte I went. Originally my quest was to find all the products Made in France. In eight giant halls that was a bit too overwhelming a task! I changed my focus to tableware that you keep on your wall as art, use it for dining, put it in the dishwasher and then back up on the wall. In the press release I received, images of Liisu Arro's delicate designs on porcelain caught my eye. At the M&O show Liisu demonstrated how the plates and cups can be mixed and matched - no need to have a set of all one color. She confirmed that the gold and other colors on the plates do not come off in the dishwasher. "The tableware is made of porcelain and the gold used on it is fired at a high temperature, so that it doesn't "sit on top", but rather melts "into the glaze", which makes it