Why to Join CMMI? | The Company of Master Mariners of India
ABOUT CMMI Only Professional body of Master Mariners in India Registered under section 25 of the Company's Act 1956 Formed in 1957 by few Master Mariners 12 branches all over India as of today & counting, with Head Office in Mumbai Total 2617 members all over India OBJECTIVES To provide a central body representative of Senior Officers for the purpose of developing and promoting traditions and efficiency of Merchant Navy. To encourage and maintain high and honourable standard of ability and professional conduct in the officers. To promote and maintain efficient and friendly co-operation between the Merchant Navy and Indian Navy. To collect, circulate, publish and distribute statistics & other information relating to Merchant Navy or to Nautical Science. To constitute a body of experienced seaman who will able to act as members of, or to give any evidence before any Government of India Commissions, Courts of enquiry, Committees, Boards of any description etc. To provide