Frequently Asked Questions by Deck officers | The Company of Master Mariners of India
The below appended information which is shown in our website has been prepared by Mercantile Marine Department, Mumbai - Examination, Assessment and Certification Branch. Question: My Certificate of Competency (COC), issued under STCW 95, in hardcover booklet form has expired recently. How do I revalidate and upgrade my COC to STCW 2010? Answer: The COC of a seafarer can be revalidated in a simple way by submitting an application form to the MMD Mumbai on any working days between 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Application to be submitted along with the fees and necessary supporting documents to prove the 'Continued Professional Competence' as stated in M.S. (STCW) Rules, 2014. You also need to submit your Original COC booklet for necessary endorsement. The format of application and the checklist, detailing the list of documents required and the criteria, for revalidation can be downloaded from the website of MMD. Question: How