Social Media – good or bad for the medical profession? |
Here is an article which you may find interesting if you cannot decide whether you should be tweeting or blogging? Last summer, I joined millions of others in the deluge of social media. I committed one year of effort to see if social would enhance or distract from my pediatric practice. That was my goal, just one year. At that time, I wanted to dip my foot in the pool, and see if it made any ripples. The unexpected consequence was how much social media has changed my medical practice, and me. Ripples have returned as tidal waves. My practice has seen tangible, real valuable benefits. I have been intellectually challenged, and have professionally grown. For my practice: •Increasing new patient traffic is creating revenue for our group.I average 1 new patient family per week who came because of our social media presence. I know this because they tell me, "I am here to see you today because I found you on Facebook," or "I found your blog."•52 patients a year x $2700 (average pediatric