Two Roads included in « Il est une fois dans l'Ouest » at the FRAC MECA in Bordeaux | Cindy Bernard
Cindy Bernard, Two Roads, 1991 Installation view, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Inspection of one panel of Two Roads upon arrival in Bordeaux. "The first exhibition of Frac at the MECA, inviting a host of artists and curators, is original and anchored in New Aquitaine: a manifesto in a way. If its title is reminiscent of a well-known western, its purpose is to tell a story that combines the present, time quests and experiences, those of an abundant artistic scene, located in the West of France." Il est une fois dans l'Ouest (Once upon a time in the West), June 29 - November 9, 2019, Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine Meca, France