Ezrha Jean Black reviews Things Change, Things Stay the Same for Artillery | Cindy Bernard
Panels 27, 37, 38, 42, 43 (Gladys Osmond, Beaches, Newfoundland, 2013), 2016, Watercolor, 28 x 22 inches Periodically, we hear complaints (or alternatively, sighs of gratitude) from one quarter or another that painting is dead; or sometimes more specifically, that abstract painting is dead. At this point it's far more likely the planet will die before abstract painting. Not exactly the cheeriest thought – but I get it. Today, as we face hard realities pitched somewhere between the Alien and Scary Movie franchises, artists appear once again to be veering in an abstract direction. The difference is a certain material specificity that connects with motive, while both deconstructing or dissolving that materiality and transposing or reconfiguring it into something entirely different – not a new 'reality' exactly, but a device suggesting something about one reality and another yet to be determined. I'm not sure Cindy Bernard would even characterize this work