Instagram and Facebook delete Your Personal View install shots | Cindy Bernard
On August 7, Gallery Luisotti published installation shots from In the Cut on Facebook and Instagram. Within a few hours, the images containing my work were removed without explanation by both social media platforms. The works in question are from Your Personal View of (Social) Nudism, which draws on images from magazines promoting a social nudist lifestyle. The magazine photographs depict unclothed men, women and children engaged in the kind of leisure activities one associates with summer camps - sports, cookouts, sunbathing and friendly gatherings. Or in this case, images of women pointing a camera towards the lens of another camera which is in turn photographing them. Prior to 1958, most social nudist magazines blurred male and female genitals in published photographs to comply with postal regulations which considered frank depictions of bodies obscene. In 1958, the Supreme Court ruled that the variety and content of nudist magazines failed to meet the tests for obscenity,