Artforum Critic's Pick For In The Cut | Cindy Bernard
...Cindy Bernard's series "Your Personal View of (Social) Nudism," 2015– , by contrast, utilizes photographs originally made for the purpose of documentation but moves from anthropological specificity toward broader psychological questions. Bernard collects images from nudist magazines showing naturists using cameras. She then recasts these pictures as proposals for as-yet-unfinished television scripts. In Bus (Episode 1963), 2015, a naked woman stands against a mint-green bus while wielding a Polaroid camera aimed at the photographer. Bernard has drawn a pencil graph over the print, reminiscent of viewfinder guides or archaeologists' grids. Her speculative TV episode might one day offer up an exposure of the Polaroid's subject, but for now, the thin lines of graphite ask viewers to measure and compose themselves. – David Muenzer Read the full review.