Algonquin Park – August 2014 | Chronicles of Adventure | GoforADV
Ever get the feeling that no matter how simple your plans are, that Fate is just hell bent on throwing them out the window? Well I sure do. It was a simple enough idea...load up the motorcycle (a Russian Ural with a sidecar) and go camping for a few nights. I packed up the bike with my usual camping gear and a bunch of those dehydrated food pouches for my meals and headed off to Algonquin Park. I left on a Sunday afternoon and was expecting to return home Wed afternoon. Not a huge trip but I figured it would be nice to get away for a few days. As usual, the trip up to the park was beautiful and the weather was amazing. You really couldn't have asked for better riding conditions. Sure it was hot but at least there was no humidity. Traffic was light and I made good time (thanks largely in part to it being a Sunday afternoon and most of the traffic was heading back towards the city while I was heading away from it). As I neared Algonquin Park, I decided to drop in and visit one of my
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