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Life is indeed very short and most people simply allow it to pass them by. For a lot of people, the most they travel is to some sandy online gaming beach resort or perhaps a cruise and for most people, they don’t even get that much. The world is just as full of beauty as it is of danger but it’s usually just the dangers we hear about and where they are and that scares us away from them. The most beautiful things are sometimes the hardest to get too and the right knowledge, equipment and experience is not only the key to success, but also to your survival. If you’re an urbanite who can only view the world through the eyes of others, you will enjoy this. You will find some useful information about practical preparedness in your home or office and how to handle various common disasters. Hopefully you will enjoy lol some of my adventures although, at times, you may call me nuts. If you're and avid outdoors person, adventurer,online gamer, backpacker, or casual camper, you will find this
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