On "the Arya Scene" in GoT (SPOILERS) | ChrisMaverick dotcom
(as the title says, herein be spoilers... you know... and dragons... though given the show, way less dragons than you might expect) So I'm having weird thoughts about the reaction I'm seeing online to last night's Game of Thrones (s08e02). First of all, I want to point out that I really liked the episode. Some of the initial reaction I'm seeing is that some people found it boring. This part doesn't surprise me. It was a very talky episode. Those are my favorites. I'm also the guy who's favorite episode of Netflix's The Defenders was s01e04, wherein all the heroes sit in a Chinese restaurant and have dinner. I get that I'm the guy who likes character building episodes more than just seeing a a bajillion people in one CGI army smackdown with a bajillion people in another CGI army. Granted, it feels like that's what we're going to get next week, and I'm sure I'll enjoy that too. But, this is what I like better. So that sets some framing, I guess. That out of the way, what I'm