On Captain Marvel and Incelhypocrisy… | ChrisMaverick dotcom
I haven't seen the new Captain Marvel movie yet, so this is not my review... it's more of a pre-review? I guess? Preview sounds weird. Anyway, I think one of my favorite things lately is reading the pre-release buzz about Captain Marvel. In particular, I'm loving the one very particular type of criticism. In the nerdiest, dudiest, broiest, inceliest corners of the internet I keep running into people whose main claim is "This movie will suck, Brie Larson is awful for the role of Captain Marvel because she isn't hot enough!" Seriously... I love this complaint... more than anything else in the world right now, I love this complaint. I love this complaint SOOOOOO much... because I'm sure it's totally born of COMPLETE AND TOTAL honesty... I'm sure that if Brie Larson knocked on any of these dudes' doors tomorrow and said "Hi, I've always wanted to fuck a 40-year-old virgin in his mom's basement" every single one of them would totally say "No! Hie thee to a nunnery, ye wanton harlot. I will