(Un?)Breaking Split Expectations (a no spoilers Glass review) | ChrisMaverick dotcom
So once again I've been too busy to post movie reviews. I've sen a bunch, but I just haven't gotten to writing them up. I do talk about films (in a different way) quite often on my podcast, VoxPopcast (cheap plug), so you should totally be listening to that. But if people want me to keep writing up more in depth thoughts here, let me know. In any case, a couple people specifically asked me to talk about the new movie Glass which I saw this weekend. I have complicated feelings about M. Night Shyamalan. I'm the weird person who didn't like The Sixth Sense. My big problem with it is that I figured out the twist in the first ten minutes. We talked about this on the show a while back (again, another cheap plug). And I don't mean that as a thing to brag about. The thing with fans of The Sixth Sense is that they all say that the magic of the film is that on the second or third viewings, once you know the twist, it's amazing how well crafted the subtle hints are and that it's cool to watch