Totally NOT as dumb as it looks… (a Venom movie review) | ChrisMaverick dotcom
I've been too busy to write movie reviews lately. I've been seeing a bunch of movies, of course, but I only have so many hours in the day and most of my writing has been going towards either my dissertation, some upcoming academic conferences and publications I have, or the podcast. Even I can only write so much. So I just never got around to writing and posting reviews for Crazy Rich Asians, Searching, Eighth Grade, or Three Identical Strangers, all of which were really pretty great. The real shame is, I feel like I actually watched a couple other movies in there too that I just didn't get around to reviewing... and I don't actually remember what they were anymore. That actually may be a better reason why I should review everything I watch than anything. Oh well. In any case, I figured Venom is at least nominally a superhero movie, so I should theoretically be able to consider reviewing it part of working, right? Right? RIGHT!?!? Ok then... So I really wasn't looking forward to Venom.