On Christian Book Publishing? | ChrisMaverick dotcom
As has been the standard for my summer of adjunct online teaching I've basically spent every waking moment this weekend grading papers. Wheee!!! So it's possible that there's been some erosion of my already tentative grasp on sanity. You know... it's possible. So anyway, I was taking a break from grading to eat lunch with Steph and she had on CNN and there was a commercial for a "Christian book publisher." The commercial made a big deal of the fact that Christian book publishing is NOT just about writing and publishing books on religion. It's about any kind of book! Just with a Christian/spiritual bend in mind. Steph said "hey, you should apply to write one of those!" Really? Me? Who would want me to... And then I thought about it. Could I really do ANYTHING? Like ANYTHING anything? So long as I connected it to Christianity? Could I apply to this publisher with A Christians Guide to Kinky Sex? Like, is that an actual market? Could I write a whole book that was basically sex-positive