on Gender Based Political Signifiers and Branding… | ChrisMaverick dotcom
(I'm about to get fairly geeky here and do some semiotics work.. I'm going to try to not be too academic, because I'm really interested in opinions from everyone) I've been pondering a weird thought experiment the last ten minutes or so. We tend to prefer single name signifiers for our political figures as a kind of shorthand whenever possible. We don't say "Donald Trump" or "Barack Obama" we just use "Trump" and "Obama". They even do it. They don't put "Barack" or "Donald" on bumper stickers or lawn signs. Then I started thinking about the fact that the political shorthand for Hillary Clinton is her first name rather than her last name... almost like she was Beyonce. This began to make me wonder if there was a gender-based bias in the way we assign the signifiers we use for our politicians My default assumption was yes. Mostly because it's a pretty safe default assumption when dealing with cultural theory to assume there is a gender based component. But that made me try to think it