The Definition of Mediocrity… (A Game Night Review) | ChrisMaverick dotcom
You know what I haven't said about a movie review in a long time... "well, I guess that was a movie." Usually when I say that, it's when there's a movie coming out that I feel like has a lot of expectations behind it, that seemed like maybe it was going to fail and which pulled things out and managed to get something watchable. You know, when it's like say the 7th film in a space opera franchise and you're like "oh wow, there's something there for the first time in 4 films..." Yeah... that sort of thing. Well, this isn't quite it. Because there's no Game Night franchise. I don't think anyone was looking for this movie. And the cast isn't huge or exciting. No one was sitting around saying "hey, I'd love to see a whole thing where Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman do a wacky husband and wife crime caper movie." But, hey... why not, that could be fun right? And it is. It's fun. It's... well... fun. There's not much more to say about it than that. And that's maybe the most interesting thing