WVPopCon 2017 cosplay photos, part deux | ChrisMaverick dotcom
Another con has come and gone and I am exhausted as always. Thanks to Max and Steph for all the help. Anyway, just like yesterday, we did some cosplay photos in our booth and I thought I'd share them here. The Imperial Stormtrooper probably requires some explanation. He came by the booth and was excited to do something. Usually when I do a cosplay shoot I try to put the person ins a setting that makes sense for their character. But this guy was part of 501st Legion, a local traveling brigade of stormtrooper cosplayers. They had their own booth with a Death Star set. He can get a Star Wars photo any time he wants. So instead he asked "What's the most ridiculous setting you can put me in?" Max came up with the idea of replacing Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail with him battling an armless Black Knight. It was a challenge both digitally removing Arthur and also getting the Storm Trooper quality downgraded in visual quality to match 42 year old film but still look good. In any