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I get email spam, just like everybody. The saddest thing about email spam is that unlike the phishing phone calls I get, there's no good way to really run a telemarketer theater prank, so I can't even generate good website content. They're basically useless. I got one in my Duquesne email account today that caught my attention. It said: You have exceeded your University E-mail account limit quota of 250MB and you are requested to expand it within 48 hours or else your University E-mail account will be disable from our database. Simply CLICK HERE with the complete information requested to expand your E-mail account quota to 2GB Somehow it was just crappy enough that I HAD to click on the link (I've disabled it so no one who looks at my site clicks on it on accident). I guess I was kind of wondering how much effort they went to to duplicate the Duquesne website. Did they register a soundalike domain name? What? Nope... they went to a free forms site called 123ContactForm. The image