Why movie people who aren't Kevin Feige are idiots. | ChrisMaverick dotcom
Originally I was going to say that was making a story out of nothing here, but they really aren't. Kevin Feige refuses to move Captain America 3's release date to not conflict with Batman vs. Superman on the same day... uh... right... why should he? Feige's response is perfect too, but it's also very PC, so let me translate it into the common tongue: "Why the fuck do I care what Warner Brothers does with their movie? I don't work for them!" Hollywood mentality is really dumb sometimes. "Oh my God, we can't release two superhero movies the same day! Someone needs to move theirs." This literally happens all the time. No other industry does this. Even in comics, Marvel doesn't say "better not put out Captain America this week, there's a Superman comic coming out." The Pittsburgh Steelers don't say "hey, we should move our game to Saturday because the Ravens are playing this Sunday." When someone comes up with a hit reality show on CBS, do you know what NBC does? They make