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So really, I could more or less just global search and replace a few key terms on my post about Lady Thor in order to give you my thoughts on Black Captain America, and for the most part, it would actually be pretty accurate. But there are a few other thoughts I have on it complicate this even more. So if you read the news this morning and saw "Captain America is Black now" and your first thought was "Wow, I bet Mav thinks that's really fucking stupid." then congratulations, you win the prize for "knows how to pay attention 2014!" One: I guess the optimistic way of looking at this is supposed to be "wow, a female Thor and an African-American Cap! Marvel really is serious about this whole diversity thing! good for them!" And umm… yeah sure… that's great and very optimistic of you person who either hasn't read a comic book in the last fifty years or so, or at least clearly wasn't paying very much attention. Because, as I pointed out in the Thor post, this isn't going to stick. Marvel