Union Hill Inn Wedding photography, Sonora Wedding Photographer, Jed and Kristi
We just returned photographing Jed and Kristi's rustic country wedding at the Union Hill Inn last night (wow, what an amazing wedding venue!), and I wanted to post a few of the images from last night's slideshow, even though they have not been touched up in Photoshop. When I look at the ceremony site and the reception area, it gives me a feeling like something out of a "Lord of the Rings", or Twilight series, or Braveheart movie. Definitely a beautiful romantic place for a wedding. According to my Facebook, someone reminded me that I have another couple I'm photographing here in October, so that's a major plus! Kristi and Jed are big on hunting and the outdoors, so it was no surprise when Jed and the groomsmen were sporting camo ties and vests. Anyway, here are some of the photos from last night's wedding slideshow. And again, there is no Photoshop, but at least you can get an idea of what happened last night! Cheers and enjoy the images! ***UPDATED: I adjusted a few of the