Staying well at home and on the road | C'est Christine
My background and beliefs when it comes to health are a weird mix of holistic and traditional Western, a balanced hybrid of yoga, acupuncture, meditation and eating healthy with a well-stocked medicine cabinet. Staying healthy is a massive challenge when you a) live in a crazy crowded city and b) travel regularly: not only do you come into contact with way more germs but you also don't usually have the downtime to properly rest. Alas! None of this is exactly ground-breaking and I'm certainly not a doctor, but here are a few of my favorite tried-and-true methods to keep my energy levels high and my sinuses clear. Hot water with lemon in the morning Remember back in January when one of my resolutions was committing to healthy habits? This was one of them. When I wake up every morning, I immediately put water onto boil and slice a lemon so that I can sip lemon water while I putter around and get ready for the day. It's incredibly helpful for toxin elimination and regular