Review of Stofa | Capital Dining
Ottawa is a gold mine of top-notch restaurants that serve seasonal comfort food in a relaxed atmosphere. I could rhyme off 20 in 10 seconds flat. At the other end, we have a smattering of destination restaurants, places you cross town for. Atelier is the most prominent of that genre, with the newly re-opened MeNa muscling in — restaurants where the dining experiences are completely guided by the kitchen and dishes are designed to knock your socks off. Jason Sawision could do either model well. He may look nineteen, but his CV is deep and eclectic. In addition to stints as an apprentice butcher and cook at Canoe (in Toronto), and recently as culinary instructor at Algonquin College, Sawision's worked for a couple of celebrated Canadian chefs with wildly different restaurants: on Michael Stadtländer's Eiginsinn Farm and with the back-to-land cuisine at restaurant Haisai; and, for the past six years, with Marc Lepine of the modernist restaurant Atelier. According to a gracious tweet from