Review of MeNa | Capital Dining
MeNa opened in 2014. Last year, the Preston Street restaurant shut down and papered-up for a six-month renovation. When it reopened in July, the L-shaped room held a longer bar and an exposed kitchen, prettied for viewing. The grey-brown of its rough plank walls had been whitewashed. If the tiles behind the bar weren't white before, they're white now. The balance is black — the floors, tables, chairs, and the open bar shelves. Lighting is soft with crystal bulbs in modern chandeliers splashing mottled patterns across the walls. The art favours one statement piece, and everything glows gently. With help from the team at One80 Design, there's a spare elegance about MeNa now. It suits the new direction of the menu, which is squarely toward fine dining, delivered in multi-course tasting menus. The duo behind MeNa remains Bryan Livingstone and chef James Bratsberg. On the pastry side is Cordon Bleu-trained chef Tu Le. Managing the floor is Eryn Dawe (last seen at Bar Laurel) and MeNa's