A new Canadian Culinary Champion! | Capital Dining
It was certainly anyone's podium as the eleven chefs approached the final test in a triathlon of challenges. For the first time in a long time, at least in my memory of judging the Canadian Culinary Championship, there was no clear superstar to beat, no one chef who floated effortlessly to the top of the pack. It was, in fact, a wild and wacky race, with chefs sprinting ahead as they impressed in one challenge, only to flail as they disappointed in the next. The exception to that yo-yo pattern was with our guy. Yannick LaSalle, chef de cuisine at the venerable Les Fougeres in Chelsea, was steadily in the front part of the pack the entire weekend — in second place, in third place, until the final marks for the weekend cooking marathon were tabulated and lo and behold...they revealed his triumph! As National Culinary Judge for the CCC, James Chatto, put it: "our new champion won his trophy by being consistent." (To which he added) "He was a popular winner, great company for the entire