Chefs Ned Bell & Marc Lepine | Capital Dining
My enthusiasm for the cuisines of these two chefs is boundless. As is my respect for the ethical approach each takes to sourcing food. Last night's dinner was delicious and jolly, but it was also a celebration of our Canadian oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. We are reminded of the critical need for sustaining their health, and for cooks everywhere to choose wisely at the fish counter. Marc Lepine and the team at Atelier played host to Vancouver's Ned Bell last night, passionate seafood advocate and educator, Executive Chef for OceanWise at the Vancouver Aquarium, and founder of Chefs for Oceans. I learned a few things last night. As a food writer who has always believed that, when it comes to fish, freshness is everything, the lessons were instructive. None more than this one: "Frozen fish is not a four-letter word," Ned Bell told a full house at Atelier. "In the middle of the country, frozen fish, responsibly caught and frozen on boat is usually the better option... It also tends