Gold Medal Plates 2018: Ottawa, meet your chefs | Capital Dining
Updated: September 13, 2018 There's a few things I'm mighty happy about in this year's Gold Medal Plates competition, held at the Shaw Centre on October 11th. For one, look at that date! It's a full month ahead of our typical mid-November slot. Ask any Ottawa-Gatineau chef what that means, and she'll tell you it means greater access to good stuff in farmers' fields. Particularly if we get what we deserve: a lovely, long summer-ish fall, to make up for this wretched spring. The other thing I'm happy about? The lineup of chefs this year is mighty impressive. And a bit eclectic. One comes from a 25-year old restaurant (Lasalle), and one from a restaurant 6-months old (Stofa). For four others (Bratsberg, Manrique, Vettorel, Wilson) it will be a second year competing. For four more, a first (Clunie, Godsoe, Hartling, Sawision). And last year's silver and bronze medallists (Lasalle, Harris) return for another kick at the golden can, as is our usual practice. It's been my privilege to have