Canadian Culinary Championships 2018 | Capital Dining
In the dozen years I've been helping adjudicate the Canadian Culinary Championships, there has never been a more impressive parade of dishes at the Mystery Wine Pairing. Yes, the wine is stripped of a label, known only for its Canadian content and colour, and yes, 30% of the marks are for the food-wine match.... But this is also a Poor Chefs' competition, and that ups the fun and the challenge. Each of the 11 competing chefs is given 500 bucks to feed 400 people and a dozen judges. They may find cunning ways to make the budget stretch a little — plead for bargains with the fishmonger or make an entirely vegetarian/vegan dish (as did three chefs, including Ottawa's own Briana Kim) — but the rules are very clear, the receipts are pored over, and every ingredient on the plate must be accounted for. It used to be, in years long past, we'd get a lot of brown rice and lentils. This year, we had a fare share of delicate fish dishes, conceived to work with the wine we now know as the Fort