Dear readers & restaurants… | Capital Dining
The new year marks 25 years I've written a weekly restaurant column. Twenty of those I was the Ottawa Citizen's critic; the past five I've been with Ottawa Magazine. To have had a supported platform these many years to guide diners toward the good stuff has been a privilege, and it's been an honour to write about the men and women who elevate the restaurant scene in this great city. But the time feels right to put down the fork. Or at least to leave the pen at home. I am moving on from my role as restaurant critic for Ottawa Magazine. Some of my happiest moments have been in this region's restaurants, discovering their charms, the quality of their ingredients and the imagination of their cooks, and feeling the professional kindness from a well-trained floor staff. Yes, there have been a fair share of lousy meals over three decades, and many more characterless ones — always the trickiest to write about. But when a restaurant sings and dances it's been such fun to scream from the rooftop