Food Day Canada, 2018 | Capital Dining
"Shop like a Canadian. Cook like a Canadian. Eat (& drink) like a Canadian." As the brilliant Canadian, Anita Stewart, of Food Day Canada, extols us to do: here's an Invitation to ALL Canadians- Help Put CANADA on the Menu this weekend! Fifteen years ago in 2003, our borders were closed to Canadian beef. It may have been an economic disaster, but it was not a culinary one. In response, The World's Longest Barbecue was born: Canadians rallied, went to their grills, and barbecued Canadian beef to show their support. According to one spokesperson for Canada Beef, this event "saved the industry." Over the years, many renowned Canadian chefs have joined the annual party, renamed Food Day Canada / Journée des terroirs, which is a national celebration of local food (always celebrated on the August long weekend). This year, on August 4th with our chefs' community and producers across Canada, we will celebrate Food Day Canada's 15th year anniversary by lighting the most recognizable – and