Aurelius Olive Oil – drinking the good stuff | Capital Dining
I had the pleasure of sipping oil at a coffeehouse last week with a fellow called Mike George and his partner Nathalie Bellegarde. And I'm not talking about that subpar stuff that lines the supermarket shelves. This was small batch, single origin, cold extracted evoo, from the olive trees farmed by Mike's uncle Jean and from groves around his property, 30 kilometres due north of Rome. So not just olives sourced from a single country, but from a single region. Pretty precious stuff. The oil I sampled was from a second harvest of riper olives. Slurped by the spoonful, it had those beginning bitter notes, a distinct pepperiness, then a mellowness, and an almost buttery finish. Mostly, though, it was clean and bright tasting, with good fruity flavour. And it came with a story... which makes everything taste better. Mike George's French Canadian grandfather moved to Rome to serve the United Nations as an FAO economist. His kids returned to Montreal for university, and all moved back to