A Spice Trip to Kerala | Capital Dining
We have a look around the port city of Kochi, stroll through the harbour markets selling baskets of squirming crabs, sandal oil, spices, and, side by side with the food, traditional costumes for little girls - starched, creamy white dresses, skirts and blouses, embroidered with a shimmering gold trim. Along the shoreline we marvel at the men jogging impossibly up the steeply-pitched poles that hoist their China nets into and out of the harbour. And then we walk to the open air cooking school of Minnie Paul for the beginning of what we've really come to do in Kerala. Taste, learn, cook. This was day one of a two week trip to Kerala state, the narrow band of southwestern India that restsbetween the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats mountain range. That geography of ocean and mountains would be a constant companion on our trip – one that began in a splendid kitchen garden surrounded by neatly labelled trees, bushes, herbs, launching a culinary tour of Kerala with the banana leaf feast.