Jordan journey | Capital Dining
By day three in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan I was reproaching my girl-self for not paying more attention in Sunday School. Why had I not listened to what happened to Moses on Mount Nebo instead of endlessly colouring in my take on the Last Supper? Poor old Job kept cropping up, as we walked the ancient Land of Uz (considered southwestern Jordan) where the long sufferer had been put through his paces. We were at Bethany Beyond Jordan, learning about the stunning (and fairly recent) archeological studies that have identified this bit of the Middle East as biblically "It" - the ground where John the Baptist lived and worked his mission and later, on the Jordanian banks of one of the world's great sacred rivers (now little more than a creek) where John baptized Jesus. Everywhere in this remarkable country you stumble across evidence of the roots and relics of the three great Abrahamic faiths. But from the moment I landed in Amman, I was penitently aware of a how hazy was my biblical