Capital Dining 2011 – Now available | Capital Dining
Here it is! The third edition of Capital Dining, fully updated for 2011, is now available in area book stores and specialty food shops, and through General Store Publishing House. The new edition includes 158 of my favourite restaurants, pubs, curry houses, noodle houses, wine bars, tapas bars, oyster bars, sushi bars, in Ottawa, Gatineau and the Valley. NEW! The Capital Region's best WINE LISTS - Ottawa Citizen wine critic ROD PHILLIPS weighs in with his top picks NEW! The Capital Region's best BREAD BAKERS, CHEESE SHOPS, CHOCOLATIERS, ESPRESSO HITS, TEA HOUSES NEW! A complete list of FARMERS' MARKETS in the National Capital Region plus, ANNE'S TOP PICKS – My best bets for oysters, steak frites, fish and chips, butter chicken, lamb vindaloo, caldo verde, bibimbap, dinner with a sunset, feasts beside a fire, hungry-broke college kids sick of KD.