Namaste Awhile – Photos from India:
India I miss you and you overwhelming smells, delightful head waggling and Bollywood dance moves. Only in India could I be awoken in an outdoor train station by the moist licking of a wayward goat, wander (and subsequently get lost) miles outside of town, then have a rifle pulled on me by an embarrassed army guard who'd been dozing at his post just long enough for me to creep past his checkpoint and sneak some photos (all before sunrise). The rules and order we have for our lives in Western civilization just don't apply in India. Traffic lines are meaningless but cows have the right of way, there aren't any utensils, and nothing happens on time... ever. It's pretty liberating. Sure it may be a bit daunting when it comes time to squat over a messy cutout hole in the floor of a rusty train as the tracks clatter by below, but embraced you realize that it's just a great way to multitask your way through an amazing thigh exercise". Going to the bathroom has never been so exciting. India is raw and constantly in your face, you can't escape the noise, you're never really sure what that smell is (probably for the best), and you can haggle for ANYTHING. The haggling process is more an interpretive dance than a competition: prices hang in limbo while unresolved arms sway with the smoke from incense and scent of Darjeeling tea wafts through the air. The choreography ends only when one partner promenades away or both acquiesce on a price for those crudely burned Bollywood DVDs with the side to side waggles of the head that I still don't fully understand.